inFORMed Systems _By Zayad Motlib


inFORMed Systems is an exploration of novel digital design to fabrication techniques that are inspired by the complex self-organizing systems found in natural organic formations and patterns. By examining these systems as information processes, we develop data set to inform possible design strategies using a combination of algorithmic codes and digital tools. The new design strategies aim to investigate the symbiotic relationship amid nature and technology to bridge the gap between aesthetic and performance. Drawing a parallel between natural systems behavior and computer processes, inFORMed systems are directed to produce adaptive spatial results and forms across a wide range of scales - from material to urban scale and vertical structures.

The presentation will also introduce the conceptual framework of some of the design and fabrication workshops that were conducted at d-NAT (Dubai Network for Art, Architecture and Technology) which can be viewed at, and some of the current interdisciplinary projects at AmorphouStudio. The demonstrated projects span across different scales, from jewelry scale to products design, furniture, architecture, and urban planning, and will focus on the design of new topologies of adaptive forms that are designed in response to Dubai environmental data.