Zayad is an interdisciplinary architect, a designer, and a researcher on information- based digital design and material systems. He worked in internationally renowned practices in New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East such as Woods Bagot and LAVA on a variety of award-winning projects. Parallel to his professional practice, he has taught and served as a guest critic at several universities in Sydney, New Zealand, and across the UAE.

In 2013, he has founded AmorphoStudio - a Visionary Architecture and Design Studio, and d-NAT (Dubai Network for Art, Architecture, and Technology) as its research and educational hub. d-NAT operates as a community based network set as a hub for the creative minds to connect and to bridge the boundaries of Architecture, Design, and Technology.

Zayad’s work is a reflection of his fascination by the complex form of order found in patterns and organizations of natural systems. He employs a hybridization of analogue and digital processes to analyze and fuse the environmental, contextual, and material forces into an emerging synthesis of form, pattern, and space. His work at AmorphouStudio has gained international attention for its innovative concepts and been published in leading design sites and magazines. By challenging the conventions of design and making, his work is a continuous research on the symbiotic relationship amid nature and technology to produce an adaptive, aesthetically sensible, and performance-based architecture and design.


Marta Krivosheek is an architect and a designer, with an educational background in engineering and architecture. She worked as a Senior Designer in a progressive architectural practice in Abu Dhabi (UAE), leading the design team on various landmarks and high-profile projects.

 Alongside her professional work and experience, she has been involved as the main collaborator of d-NAT since its inception in 2013. She participated in the organization and running the workshops, events and working on the development program. Marta and Zayad have jointly worked on a number of projects and submissions.

Marta explores the boundaries between different media, tools, and techniques including computational design, digital fabrication, materials science, and programming. She is fascinated by the evolutionary paths embedded in natural systems as key drivers in approaching any design assignment. She uses these principles, in combination with her deep instincts, for the generation of spaces across different scales from urban scale, to architecture, product, graphics, fashion and jewelry. Her processes seek to unlock the creative potential of different materials and structures with beauty and logic.






Hasan is our representative in Baghdad. He is an architect, a designer, and a researcher on parametric systems. A recent graduate from Al Nahrain university, he worked in different architectural offices in Baghdad. He also worked as an assistant lecturer at the department of architecture at Al Nahrain University.

In 2017, Hasan formed a partnership with some young architects and students to establish IYAU - Iraqi Young Architects Union. The union is set as a hub to support the young talents in Iraq. Along with his professional practice Hasan is currently doing his master’s degree at Al-Nahrain University. His research investigates the application of parametric techniques in design and fabrication. He joined d-NAT in Sep. 2017 to become our representative in Baghdad.



Esraa is our representative in Baghdad, Iraq. A fourth year architectural student at the University of Technology, Baghdad. Along with her architectural skills, she is a visual artist, and a graphic designer.

Esraa has a strong interest in computational processes and parametric design. She explores the possibilities of these processes in her study. Her latest university project dealt with an urban development of a historic area in Baghdad. She aspires to keep developing her skills in this field and hope to be able to teach it at the university in the future.

Esraa is active in expanding her academic and professional knowledge by pursuing different programs. She has already obtained certificates in building analysis from Autodesk, KNAUF systems, and the Performative Design certificate.