NOn-linear formations

Dubai March 31 - April 03, 2019

Generative processes suggest new ways of integrating computation in the design process. Non-linear formations aims to explore the potential of generative growth processes to produce formations of different scale and complexity. Natural growth processes share common traits such as being non-linear, rule-based, and iterative. Drawing a parallel between natural systems behavior and computer growth processes such as branching systems, diffusion limited aggregation and other rule-based processes, we will develop non-linear growth processes and will evaluate the spatial results and forms across a wide range of scales - from Material to Architectural scale. 



performative design

Isa Town, Bahrain Jun. 22-26, 2018

Designing with environmental sensibility is evolving as a vital subject in architecture on both professional and academic level. We are at a critical moment wherein environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important in the design process. Set in a studio environment, the workshop will introduce an integrated approach to design multi story buildings with environmental sensibility. It will provide participants with tools and techniques to integrate environmental data and site-specific issues early in the design process, and be able to respond to them in their design. It will also focus on teaching students how to deploy these principles as a design strategy for different types of projects.