Zayad is an interdisciplinary architect, a designer, and a researcher on information- based digital design and material systems. He worked in internationally renowned practices in New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East such as Woods Bagot and LAVA on a variety of award-winning projects. Parallel to his professional practice, he has taught and served as a guest critic at several universities in Sydney, New Zealand, China, and across the UAE.

In 2013, he has founded AmorphoStudio - a Visionary Architecture and Design Studio, and U-NAT (United Network for Art, Architecture, and Technology) as its research and educational hub. U-NAT operates as a research-based network set as a hub for the creative minds to connect and to bridge the boundaries of Architecture, Design, and Technology.

Zayad’s work is a reflection of his fascination by the complex form of order found in patterns and organizations of natural systems. He employs a hybridization of analogue and digital processes to analyze and fuse the environmental, contextual, and material forces into an emerging synthesis of form, pattern, and space. His work at AmorphouStudio has gained international attention for its innovative concepts and been published in leading design sites and magazines. By challenging the conventions of design and making, his work is a continuous research on the symbiotic relationship amid nature and technology to produce an adaptive, aesthetically sensible, and performance-based architecture and design.

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