Invisible Order

Join us in a journey through time and space to explore the wonders of the unseen world. Our first getting together Monthly events. A selected two Tedx talks on the subject of the intersection of Art, Design, and Technology will explore the invisible transformation of data into matter that is un-deductable by the normal human senses. Recent advancement in technological devises enabled us to delve into new domains of visual wonder. They revealed the hidden pattern produced by these phenomena which can inspire new design thinking.

Over a cup of coffee on friday afternoon, we will instigate a discussion among like-minded people to question and better understand the potential of these observations. The aim is to promote social innovation through sharing and exchange of ideas.

These events are free of charge, and we are planning to run them first friday of every month. Please invite any friends who are interested in these subjects.

Our first getting together will take place on March 6, 2015. Looking forward to seeing you there.